Wedge Heel Boots, The Chic Choice

Wedge Heel Boots

There is a reason that wedge heel boots have been a footwear favorite for decades. Stylish, functional, and versatile, these boots are the perfect choice for any busy woman.

The Chic Choice
Wedge heel boots come in many styles but are characterized by the wedged sole of the shoe. Serving as both the sole and the heel, the wedge is much thicker at the back of the shoe than the front. This gives the boots a sleek look. Ever stylish, wedge heel boots elongate the leg and give a sophisticated silhouette. Wedge heel ankle boots are currently on trend and are even more popular then their taller counterpart. Whether in a flirty, classic, or blinged-out style, wedge heel boots are always the chic choice.

The Practical Choice
Not only are wedge heel boots fashion forward, they are easily the most comfortable heeled boot on the market. Even at a several inch height, the wedged sole offers good support for the foot. These boots are therefore wonderfully suited to many different lifestyles. Because they are the perfect combination of style and functionality, wedge heel boots are always the practical choice.

The Versatile Choice
There are a variety of ways to style wedge heel boots. Any outfit from dresses to jeans looks great with these boots. For example, a brown swede lace up wedge boot matched with skinny jeans and an oversize sweater is a put together look for a busy mom. Tall black wedge boots with a cuffed vamp matched with a lace dress is a sexy look perfect for a date night. On the other hand, a zipped wedge ankle boot will become the best friend of the business woman who is looking for a functional and stylish footwear option to match with her business casual outfits. No matter how it is styled, wedge heel boots are always the versatile choice.