History of Wedge Heel Boots

Wedge Heel Boots

There are so many different types of boots out there for women to wear. However, did you ever stop think that each type of boot has a unique history? It’s true! For example, wedge heel boots have been around since the time of ancient Greece. However, they didn’t become associated with modern footwear for women until the 1930s. It was during this decade that Salvatore Ferragamo introduced them in Italy. This was after he spent the previous decade designing shoes for the rich and famous actors and actresses of Hollywood. These incredible boots have been around ever since. Wedge heel boots were even associated with men in the 1970s. Wedge heel boots went out of fashion with men for a while, but they have made a comeback again in the 2010s. Truly, these boots are going to be here to stay.

Of course, one of the reasons why the wedge heel boot remains so popular with women is the design space available on the boot. The wedge on the boot increases the surface area. This means the wedge of a wedge heel boot becomes a blank canvas for artists and shoe designers to express themselves. Ultimately, this gives women plenty of fashion options when it comes to wedge heel boots. The wedge portion of the boot can be decorated with glitter, texture, and anything else a designer might dream! Notwithstanding the creativity seen on the wedge portion of these boots, the most popular remain to be wedges with black, brown, and other conservative colors. For many women, the wedge is just a great way to add a little bit of class and a little extra height. It isn’t meant to be a huge fashion statement. However, it is nice to know the wedge boot is available for just that if needed! If you don’t yet own a pair of wedge heel boots, get some today!