Priceless services by NSR Australia

Priceless services by NSR Australia

Since its establishment, NSR has distinct itself as a leading recruit of Australian and New Zealand sports fanatics and assigning them to American tertiary platforms for them to practice their desired sport. The government of Australia has endorsed the company since it is the only organisation that offers such support.

The sports scouting agency was founded by its managing director Marco Maisano in June 2006. As a retired professional soccer player, Marco started where his natural strength lies, recruiting soccer players. In 2013, NSR started covering both gold and basketball before slowly encompassing all sports.

Since the industry is unique, NSR covers a niche market to identify what United States schools are looking for. The company first visited all schools and clearly identified what each school was looking for. The information obtained was used to classify students so as to suit the school’s needs. The company calls over five thousand coaches annually in the American Colleges and high schools to find out the current landscape and what they require for the next season.

NSR trains their scouts to ensure that they develop the keen eye of spotting a talent. They train them on evaluating a talent, understanding the recruiting process, writing scouting reports, building personal relationships with local coaches and being familiar with all NCAA rules.

Recruitment into United States colleges is a tough process. It is more difficult for student-athletes who have no link to the United States. This places talented athletes at a disadvantage but with NSR, all this changes.

By use of modern technology, NSR places all athletes on equal terms with American athletes. NSR scouts, experienced home office staff and NCAA compliance officers make registering with the usually stressful eligibility centres a smooth experience. This customer oriented service makes NSR be highly appreciated by families.